The CMS Myth is published by Connective DX, a digital agency with a passion for getting CMS right. The many authors that contribute to the CMS Myth have expertise that spans strategy, experience design, content, technology and measurement.  Each author brings diverse real-life CMS experiences, but share one thing in common—their commitment to expose and learn from the reality of web content management projects.

Jeff Cram - Managing Editor

It’s all about the customer experience according to Jeff. He combines deep expertise in digital strategy, user experience, analytics, marketing, and social media to figure out how they all factor into successful content management projects. Follow @jeffcram

James A. Gardner – Contributing Editor

James lives and works where the CMS rubber hits the road — leading business development and serving clients as a digital strategist in Connective DX’s Boston team. A P&G and McKinsey veteran, he’s been part of the web since the mid 90s, has built digital marketing teams, and survived more CMS initiatives than he’d care to admit. Follow @jamesagardner

Plus some fantastic guest authors

In addition to the trusty mythbusters, we invite viewpoints on CMS from a wide range of outsiders.  Our goal is to understand what’s actually happening in the trenches and have folks share their stories on what it takes to make web content management work.  Interested in being a guest writer or being interviewed for a post? Drop us a line.