The concept behind The CMS Myth is simple, really.

Many organizations are rushing to adopt web content management systems.  These systems are often viewed as a silver bullet that will solve all kinds of problems.

But web developers, online marketers, and other front-line web pros speak of a fundamental disconnect in the promise of CMS vs. reality. Industry research and harsh anecdotal evidence indicate that 50% or more CMS projects “fail” in some way: botched implementations, soaring project costs, launch delays, ruined SEO, and more.

Therein lays the central tenet of The CMS Myth: When it comes to web content management success, it’s not just about the technology.

In reality, CMS success hinges on your plan, your people, and your process behind your web content management initiative.

Why we blog

The blog is published by a group of mythbusters with a single goal: To deliver the tips, tricks, and best (and worst) practices that can help you succeed with web content management.  The goal of The CMS Myth is not to recommend one system over another.  We plan to grow this site as an online community for people whose jobs intersect with CMS and web strategy. While we have a lot to say, we’re just as interested in drawing out thoughts and experiences from the community. Tell us your CMS story at

So do you hate CMS or what?

Just so we’re crystal clear: The CMS Myth strongly believes in the power of web CMS to be a key enabler for achieving online success. We recommend and deliver web CMS systems every day. Done right, a web CMS can be the nucleus of your web strategy and lift up all of your online marketing initiatives.

Yet for every “market leading” CMS, for every brilliant online strategy and web application, there’s a misguided effort or an ill-conceived approach ready to derail your web initiative. The goal of The CMS Myth is to help you avoid those landmines.