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The Mythbusters are going to where the CMS action is to bring you reporting from the field.

Confab 2011 Interview: Margot Bloomstein on Why Content Strategy Matters

In the run-up to Confab 2011, the CMS Myth asked a few questions of Margot Bloomstein of Appropriate Inc., whose talk on Monday at 4:30 is “Message Matters.” The interview is below. Define Content Strategy in 16 words or less. Planning for the creation, aggregation, expiration, and governance of useful, usable, appropriate content in an experience. […]

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Confab 2011 Interview: Rahel Bailie on Why Good Content is Good Business

In the run-up to Confab 2011, the CMS Myth asked a few questions of Rahel Bailie, founder of Intentional Design, whose talk on Tuesday, May 10, at 2 is “Good Products Deserve Good Content.” The interview is below. You say that “harnessing the potential of product lifecycle content is good business. Can you explain? Doing business […]

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The CMS Myth Lands at Confab 2011

The CMS Myth pulls into Minneapolis this week for the inaugural Confab content strategy conference. My colleague Jeff Cram, of the CMS Myth and ISITE Design, speaks Tuesday at 11:30 on “Learning to Love Your CMS.” (More on Jeff’s talk in a minute.) What a conference it’s shaping up to be. Long since sold out (and […]

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CMS Wisdom: Plan for Long-term Success

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the CMS death spiral, I just found this perfect quote from a web content management sytem user in ISITE’s “CMS Wisdom Report” (name of writer withheld to protect the innocent): “The higher-ups love the concept of a CMS because it promises to do all things for all […]

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Avoiding the CMS Death Spiral

We’re on the receiving end of a lot of calls and requests from companies that, frankly, find themselves in dire straits over their web content management software implementations post-launch. (And when I say companies, I mean the web development manager or website owner whose job is on the line over a problematic CMS project. Their […]

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CMS Wisdom from the Trenches

Sometimes, if you want to hear the unvarnished truth about web content management, you just have to go directly to the source. No, we’re not talking about the web CMS vendors (who all tend to wear the same set of rose colored glasses). We’re talking about the content creators, website administrators, site developers, web marketing […]

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Pain-Free CMS, UX Wisdom and Measurement Magic at Gilbane Boston

The CMS Mythbusters here at ISITE Design have our bags packed and are ready to take the not-so-long trip across the Charles River to the Gilbane Boston 2010 Conference this week. If you’re going, look us up: we’ll be holding court on Wednesday and Thursday (Dec. 1-2) at our ISITE booth in the Expo Hall, where […]

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Share your CMS wisdom (and win an iPad)

As CMS Mythbusters, we’re not shy about speaking up about the ups and downs of working with web content management. We’ve been blogging about it for the last few years here. And now we want to hear from you. We’re organizing our first annual CMS Wisdom Report, a collection of stories, tips and lessons learned […]

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Introducing the Home Page GM

We’ve written a lot here at the CMS Myth about how senior execs must be tuned in to their company’s digital strategy, and not just offer lip service. It requires an organizational shift in mindset. It needs a real budget commitment. And it needs the right people in new positions to make an impact and […]

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What Ben Franklin Can Teach Us About Web CMS

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Philadelphia is a city dominated by the memory of Benjamin Franklin. Statues, memorials, tourist stops – seemingly everything in town honors this notable Founding Father. (The rest? That’s reserved mostly for the Philly cheesesteak.) At the UPenn Wharton UI Conference I attended in late July (Big Ben founded UPenn, too) Franklin spoke from the hereafter […]

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