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The Mythbusters are going to where the CMS action is to bring you reporting from the field.

Wrestling with web governance and the seven-legged octopus

I stumbled into Percussion’s Recharge Lounge walking the vendor gauntlet at eduWeb in Boston last week. In a refreshing twist, the CMS vendor ditched the traditional trade show get-up and invited attendees to jot down their greatest web challenge  on an oversized whiteboard (pictured above: Photo courtesy of Percussion). The comments ranged from the pedestrian (CSS […]

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CMS survival in higher education

I spent the last two days at eduWeb in Boston talking to higher education marketers and giving a presentation on content management survival inside EDU. The slides from my talk are below. Content Management Survival In Higher Education from ISITEDesign We know that getting CMS right is hard anywhere, and higher education brings a whole […]

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Bringing Some Clarity to Digital Disruption

Here at the CMS Myth and ISITE Design, we’re big fans of anyone who believes, as we do, that the “software” part of web content management software makes up only part of the solution. Mention CMS in the same breath as web strategy, customer experience, user experience design, marketing enablement – I could go on […]

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Come party with the cool content kids in Boston

The web celebs are rolling into Boston this week for An Event Apart. We’re talking the big guns of Zeldman, Wroblewski and Spool, among others. It’s (of course) sold out, but fear not — Content Strategy New England convinced Karen McGrane and Josh Clark to cross the Fort Point Channel for its June meetup. This […]

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The best 25 tweets from Jboye 2012 Philadelphia

I thoroughly enjoyed the JBoye event in Philadelphia this year. It stands out for its intimacy and genuine peer networking around the topics of digital strategy, user experience and content management. Very few folks are there to sell you anything. A refreshing change from the conference circuit. Given that JBoye runs four tracks at once, I found […]

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Revisiting WordPress as a CMS (Again)

We’ve address the issue of WordPress as a CMS before here at the Myth, and my own personal take on the issue should be quite clear: I am a WordPress plugin developer, technical reviewer of WordPress Books for Packt Press, and a coorganizer of WordCamp Boston (2010, 2011, and currently in planning on 2012). The […]

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CMS Expo: Busting Web Experience Management Myths

Although there was fierce competition in the 2pm time spot, including Michael Silverman’s talk on Capturing Community (which I wanted to see), there was a decent crowd for the web experience management myth busting session. Here are the top five myths: WEM is a technology problem – or a problem best solved by applying the […]

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CMS Expo – Babe in the Big City (or, babe in a sea of dev dudes)

Thumbnail image for CMS Expo – Babe in the Big City (or, babe in a sea of dev dudes)

I had an interesting exchange with fellow content strategist and CMS Expo veteran, David Skarjune (@skarjune), on the way up to the post-lunch sessions: As I mentioned my upcoming Confab cameo, he pointed out that I will probably be in much more familiar company there. As in, 2:1 ratio of females to men, as opposed […]

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The Fog of CMS

Just a quick observation from CMS Expo. At one point during the morning’s Founder’s Panel, the CMS providers were offered the chance to ask the audience questions, turning the tables on the usual panel approach. One of the vendors (I honestly can’t remember which) asked how many folks in the audience were planning to move […]

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CMSExpo Day One: We’re Gonna Need More Tables

CMS Expo 2012 kicked off this morning with a CMS Founder’s panel so big they had to bring in extra tables. No wonder people new to the field are so confused and overwhelmed! (I also couldn’t get all the participants in one shot – the above is two photos stitched together, and even then it […]

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