What happens if your CMS succeeds?

The world of web content management is littered with stories of technology pain, failed projects, and unsatisfied end users. Those plans for digital transformation and widespread adoption of new systems don’t always play out as described in the strategy PowerPoint.

But what if they do? What if that digital-led shift and new publishing platform generate even more excitement and engagement than you imagined? What if there is a line at your door of folks hungry to work within the system and do more with digital?

Will you be prepared for that kind of success? Have you planned for the people, processes and resources required to support these outcomes?

We talk a lot about project budgets and return on investment, but what is the cost of success?

About the Author
Jeff Cram

Jeff Cram is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design), a digital agency based in Portland, OR and Boston, MA. As the Managing Editor of the CMS Myth, Jeff is passionate about all topics related to content management, digital strategy and experience design.

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