The “Not My Job” Myth

Personalization. I’m sure you’ve been hearing about it for a while now. But are you doing it? Lots of organizations have struggled to really embrace personalization. There are lots of misconceptions and few people willing to own and organize a new initiative. Personalization doesn’t happen by magic.

Some may think that personalization means switching out some copy. Others think it’s a question aligning and integrating systems. Most think it’s somebody else’s problem. The thing is, personalization is everyone’s job.

When done right personalization is about delivering a seamless, customized experience; you prove to your customers that you understand their needs and their specific context at each step. To deliver such a cohesive experience everyone on the team needs to be involved and understand who the customer is, where they are in the journey, and what they need to do right now.

Turn support from a noun to a verb

When personalization is the goal it takes everyone. And a lot of planning. As we discussed in the Path to Personalization Briefing Webinar personalization breaks down to 80% planning and 20% execution. Why? Successful personalization programs need:

  • the content team to understand users, their needs, and brand promise to keep the message on target,
  • experience designers to organize interactions to enable user flow while keeping things seamless,
  • analysts to understand the business results the team is expecting to ensure each piece is appropriately measured,
  • the development team to understand the mechanics of the persona, the actions we’re expecting them to take, and how we’re measuring each step to ensure all the layers come together to deliver the experience we’ve crafted
  • and ultimately, everyone to be consulted throughout to catch any dropped details.

And of course, all these pieces can only come together with someone to own the delivery process, and if top leadership keeps personalization a priority.

That’s a lot of expertise to bring to the fore. But personalization is also a growth process. It’s not something to put together, press a button, and walk away from. If you want to learn more about how to start planning personalization read our workshop primer.

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