What Happens in Vegas Won’t Stay In Vegas!

We’re in Vegas, baby! If you follow the world of CMS and haven’t been glued to Apple’s news all day, you surely know it’s for Sitecore’s North American Symposium. The conference brings together Sitecore experts, developers, partners and customers from around the globe for two days of education, inspiration and socializing.

We’ll be sharing more thoughts as the event’s announcements and presentations unfold, but here’s some of the highlights of this morning’s keynote by Sitecore CEO, Michael Seifert. He and his colleagues stirred the crowd up with a call for hyper-personalized web experiences that cut through clutter and get results. The unveiling of Sitecore 8 and a slew of new CMS goodies—coming before Christmas, we’re promised—drew a lot of applause, too.

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