What You See Is Scrambled Eggs


As if this Friday couldn’t get any better, Paul Ford just published a wicked-amusing account of his trials and tribulations wrestling with a WYSIWYG editor — complete with a 484-character headline and some utterly necessary animated GIFs.

Don’t even bother reading our longwinded thoughts on why people hate their CMS. Paul captures a day-in-the-life of author experience real-time fiddling with Kinja, Gawker’s own publishing platform built to “break down the walls between readers and writers.” If Paul’s account is any indication, sounds like it may break more than that.

There’s some real gems in here (I WANTED TO ADD A HEADLINE AND I JUST TURNED AN ENTIRE LONG SECTION INTO AN h2) as Paul delves into the finer features of the “opinionated” CMS. The good news (SPOILER ALERT!), the copy and paste function works just fine.

And there’s a lot of empathy here on building products. As he writes (emphasis is his, or Kinja’s, I’m not sure):

THIS WAS ONLY GOING TO BE ABOUT 10 WORDS LONG BUT THEN IT KEPT UNFOLDING AS I WROTE IT, SO HERE IS A POINT I WANT TO MAKE UP FRONT BEFORE PEOPLE USE THIS TO BEAT EACH OTHER: Kinja on the front-end has serious interaction issues, although the larger platform itself is fascinating. It’s pretty easy to assign blame to product and software engineers for these issues, but at the same time can feel the product direction changing as you use this CMS; there are multiple products inside of here and they are in conflict, and this manifests as inconsistencies in the UX.

Fantastic work, Paul. Happy Friday everyone.

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