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John EckmanThe entire team at The CMS Myth would like to extend heart-felt congratulations and good luck to friend and  long time collaborator, John Eckman. This week John started the next phase of his career as the CEO of 10up. In case you’re wondering where else you heard that name this week, yes…It is the 10up that launched Nate Silver’s all new on WordPress this Monday.

In addition to his incredible contributions to The CMS Myth, John was most recently the Managing Director of Connective DX Boston, where he spent the last 3 years. In this role John successfully led up delivery with a combination of deep digital expertise, strategic thinking, and a genuine understanding of how to get the best out of his team. He is already sorely missed.

However, anybody who knows John knows his passion (aside from great Vegan food) is open source content management, most specifically WordPress. John has been one of the organizers of WordCamp Boston for 8 years. He’s also a plugin contributor and has spoken at many WordCamps, DrupalCamps, Gilbane, CMS Expo, and more. The team John now leads at 10up specializes in WordPress and counts many plugin and core contributors among their team.

On a personal note, John and I joined the CMS Myth team together and it’s impossible to quantify how much I’ve learned from him. Over the years he’s contributed many great articles to the myth. Here are a few of our favorites:

While we’re sure John’s going to be very, very busy in his new role at 10up, we’re hopeful he’ll still have time to share his thoughts with us here! In the meantime, you can keep up with him on Twitter @jeckman. Best wishes John!

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Jake has spent the last 15 years helping organizations plan, design, develop, and implement effective online experiences with a strong focus on large scale web content management systems and integrated online marketing suites. Jake wrote for the CMS Myth during his time working at Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design). Google Plus Profile

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  1. John Eckman says:

    Thanks guys! I’m still holding on to the cape and the keys to the secret lair.

  2. Jake DiMare Jake DiMare says:

    Aw man…What’s the first rule of the CMS Myth secret lair?

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