The Secret Weapon for Smoother Content Management System Implementations

We say (often) that technology is nothing without humanity. Content management system implementations would fall flat without understanding the people behind them — and we’ve seen the stories to prove it.

If we know this, why is it that so many implementations still fail?

We sat down with UX Strategist Corey Vilhauer of Blend Interactive to get his two cents for the new CMS Wisdom Report.

Corey says that we tend to forget that our content management systems will be used by actual humans, leading to frustration and ultimately failed implementations. The secret? Check out the video below to hear what he has seen work for better CMS implementations:

Do you have tips or secrets to better CMS projects? Share them for the second edition of our CMS Wisdom Report!



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Katie Del Angel

Formerly the Marketing Manager at Connective DX, Katie was responsible for content marketing and community building for the agency.

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