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Meerkat imageThe CMS Myth team is on the road speaking at camps and conferences quite often this year. Most recently, John Eckman and I shared our thinking with the hometown crowd at Design4Drupal Boston, at MIT on June 22nd. Although D4D is obviously a Drupal event, we are platform agnostic delivery experts, and our sessions are primarily about fine tuning the effort associated with designing, developing, and deploying world class digital experiences.

Lions, Meerkats, Responsive…Oh My!

John’s session, entitled Truly Responsive Design, is about the growing influence of the responsive approach to experience design. In it, he points out not enough attention has been paid to how responsive digital experiences should be designed to take into account the needs and contexts of users. Instead, we’ve been designing web sites that respond to the technical requirements (and capabilities) of browsers and devices.

John goes on to review strategies and processes you can follow which help ensure your experiences are truly responsive to business goals and user needs, not just device capabilities.

Where the content strategists are…

My session, entitled User Experience Design and Content Strategy (So Happy Together) explores the importance of Content Strategy on project teams, with a special focus on the overlap between experience design and content strategy. In it I explore the seven content related risks that can derail a digital experience project, and the six things any team can do to mitigate these risks.

With the audience, I explore a variety of questions including:

  • How important is a content strategist to a design effort?
  • What are the risks associated with designing without a content strategist?
  • What can you do if a content strategist isn’t on your team?

Both sessions were recorded by MIT Tech TV and are available below in their entirety. You can also check out our slides:

Truly Responsive Design:
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Truly Responsive Design

User Experience Design and Content Strategy (So Happy Together):
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User Experience Design and Content Strategy

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