Announcing the CMS Wisdom Report: Content Strategy Edition


A while back, we shared 54 tales from web content management implementations in the first edition of the CMS Wisdom Report. Practitioners in the trenches shared all, from tips and tricks to flaws and failures, for the greater good of the content management community.

Now it’s your turn to share your insight.

We’re looking for real implementation stories from content strategists for the next volume of our CMS Wisdom Report – the Content Strategy Edition. We’re compiling anecdotes, tips, lessons, and more from content strategists that have been or are going through CMS implementations. What content strategy considerations do you bring to the table that you’ve found to make or break a CMS implementation?

Share your wisdom.

Everyone who responds will get a copy of the report, and ten lucky respondents will get an exclusive “I am the CMS” T-shirt.

Margot Bloomstein – content strategist, author, and friend of the CMS Myth – shares her thoughts in the video below on the importance of content strategy in making any CMS implementation work (and shows off her CMS shirt!):

Margot Bloomstein gives us the scoop behind the scenes at Confab Minneapolis.


So what are you waiting for? Your story could be the saving grace to another content strategist going through a CMS implementation.

Drop us a line.

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Katie Del Angel

Formerly the Marketing Manager at Connective DX, Katie was responsible for content marketing and community building for the agency.

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