Wrangling Global Content Strategy: June 6 Webinar

Global content strategy webinar June 6, 2013

Managing a global web platform isn’t for the faint of heart. Dozens (or hundreds) of sites, localized and translated content, and a network of globally dispersed web editors are enough to make even the most seasoned digital professional sweat.

Join us for an upcoming webinar June 6, 2013 on Wrangling Global Content Strategy with Seth Gottlieb (Lionbridge) and Brian Payne (Connective DX).

Seth and Brian will share their experiences working with large complex global web platforms and share insight on how brands are unifying their content, technology and localization strategies to deliver digital experiences at scale.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to create and govern a global content strategy
  • Understanding CMS in large-scale global environments
  • How to navigate unified and decentralized models
  • Keys to avoiding “site sprawl” as platform grow over time
  • How to deliver more personalized global experiences

The webinar is being produced in partnership with Sitecore, Connective DX, Lionbridge and Clay Tablet.

Register today to attend (and we’ll send you a recording of it after as well).

Hope to see you there.

About the Author
Jeff Cram

Jeff Cram is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design), a digital agency based in Portland, OR and Boston, MA. As the Managing Editor of the CMS Myth, Jeff is passionate about all topics related to content management, digital strategy and experience design.

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