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In just a few weeks the CMS Myth will once again be attending, speaking at, and covering the CMS Expo in Evanston, IL. CMS Expo is a unique conference in a number of ways:

Real world experience

While other conferences give you talking heads, marketing department representatives, and sales pitches, CMS Expo focuses on real practitioners. Over three days you’ll find plenty of opportunities to connect directly to practitioners familiar with both a broad number of technical problems and (more importantly) non-technical challenges you either have encountered or will soon.

CMS Expo gives you the opportunity to talk to other business, content, design, and technology practitioners about how they’re identifying and solving these challenges. Attendees come from non-profits, higher education, small businesses, and enterprises, publishers, agencies, and government – but they all share membership in the content management tribe and a recognition that there’s gotta be a better way.


It’s not just technology

As we’ve always said here at the Myth, Content Management is not a technology problem. While there’s no shortage of technical expertise at CMS Expo, there’s also tremendous breadth into content strategy, business strategy, governance, design, measurement, and marketing. This is a conference that recognizes your goal isn’t just to get a site launched but to operate a successful business. Everyone on the team will find conversations on familiar problems and (even better) a few they haven’t yet started to consider.

Finding the opportunity to dive deeper

There’s something about spending three full days in suburban Evanston that opens up the opportunity for longer conversations. Often the best part of any conference is the hallway conversations between sessions and outside the scheduled program. CMS Expo offers the opportunity to identify folks you want to get to know and really explore more deeply the challenges and opportunities ahead of you.

Photo by davecito under CC-BY

Photo by davecito under CC-BY



Broad platform coverage

Last year’s CMS Showcase included fifteen platforms. This year’s lineup is more modest, including Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress, OpenText, Jahia, and SageFrame – though undoubtedly many of the other platforms will be topics of discussion throughout the week as well.

As someone who spends lots of time involved in platform-specific conferences (DrupalCons and Camps, WordCamps, and Sitecore meetups in particular) it’s refreshing to be at a conference which includes a breadth of solutions and doesn’t segment the audience off into their own content tracks but encourages and forces cross-platform discussion and friendly rivalry.

Great speakers and sessions

This year’s agenda is full of sessions I want to see, and speakers I either want to meet or reconnect with. Here’s just a quick sample of some of the folks I’m looking forward to:

I hope to see some CMS Myth readers – do say hello if you get a chance. For $100 off a three-day conference registration use code CMSX54417

For $100 off a three-day conference registration at CMS Expo use code CMSX54417
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