Buying a Submarine: The Business of Platform Selection

Drupal Business Summit

This week the CMS Myth will be covering the Boston Drupal Business Summit at Acquia‘s headquarters in Burlington. Unlike many Drupal events, which have historically focused on the technical issues of how organizations design and build applications on the platform, the series of business summit events bring together business decision makers who are considering Drupal with executives from organizations who already have, in order to explore the full context in which you’d make such a decision. (As regular CMS Myth readers know, it’s never just about selecting the right technology feature set, but exploring how a given platform fits with and helps shape an organization’s strategy, culture, governance model, and plan). As Randall Knutson notes in the video below, most organizations beginning a platform selection process haven’t done so before: “It’s like the average person buying a submarine.”

At the Boston Drupal Summit (Thurs Nov. 15th) the schedule includes:

  • Acquia’s CEO Thomas Erickson: “Accelerate Business Agility with Open Source Drupal”
  • A moderated panel of business leaders who have adopted Drupal discussing their decision making and implementation process
  • Dani Nordin from The Zen Kitchen (and Drupal book author) on “Factors to Consider When Budgeting for a Drupal Project”
  • Two case studies: Carlson Mozdiez from Entercom/WEEI-WRKO, and Nate Wolfson on Humana’s use of Drupal for Web Experience/Engagement Management

We’re especially interested in how Humana is using Drupal for Web Experience Management, a topic we’ve covered before on the myth (“Web Experience Management in Drupal“). Free registration is still open – hope to see you there.

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