Delivering Results: The State of Content Management

by on August 20, 2012

This weekend I was honored to keynote DrupalCampCT in New Haven on the Yale University campus. I titled the session “Delivering Results: The State of Content Management and the Opportunity for Drupal.”

Rather than focus in very deeply on Drupal itself I tried to give a broad overview of how the Content Management world is changing, including the influences of trends/movements like Mobile First, Responsive Design, Structured Content, Content Strategy, and Web Experience Management. Overall I see this as a shift from the content creation and ingestion side of the process toward content delivery and impact – a shift from “publishing content” to “delivering results.”

Drupal’s traditional strength in being an extensible framework puts the project (and the community) in a great position, and the renewed focus on usability and content authoring experiences bodes well. However, great power often also introduces complexity: the trick will be to empower content authors and content strategists without reinforcing the dreaded Drupal learning curve. Simplicity, structure, and power all in platform can be difficult but if anyone can do it, Drupal has a chance.

Here’s the slide deck:

And a storify of some of the great twitter comments during the talk:

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