The Way You Do The Things You Do: Content Management’s Greatest Hits

Content Management's Greatest Hits

This week’s entry continues the Motown connection with the Temptation’s 1964 classic “The Way You Do The Things You Do”:

Written by Smokey Robinson and Bobby Rogers, the single was the Temptation’s first in the top 100, peaking at #11. It features Eddie Kendricks on vocals and the Funk Brothers on instrumentation. (In true content management fashion, we’d call it TWYDTTYD and make up some pronunciation of that to help separate the insiders from the outsiders).

You got a smile so bright
You know you could have been a candle
I’m holding you so tight
You know you could have been a handle
The way you swept me off my feet
You know you could have been a broom
The way you smell so sweet
You know you could have been some perfume
Well you could have been anything that you want to
And I can tell
The way you do the things you do

The link to Content Management? Twofold.

First, as we’ve often said on the myth, implementation trumps product selection. Or, put another way, the way you manage your content management platform – the choices you make about governance, content strategy, analytics, and ongoing optimization – will ultimately be more important than which platform you choose. It all comes down to the way you do the things you do, not which things you do.

Second, there’s a long standing history in the CMS world of trying to out do each other with sites that don’t look like they were build in platform X. (Drupal sites that don’t look like Drupal sites, Sitecore sites that don’t look like sitecore sites, and so on.) But no matter how well your design “hides” the underlying platform, the truth will out. For the most recent on “platform sniffing” check out Seth Gottleib and Deane Barker’s CM Field Guide (code, announcement). They’ve now got 30 signatures each of which recognizes the way a platform does what it does.

You’ll need an account to get into the closed alpha, as per the announcement post.

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