Bringing Some Clarity to Digital Disruption

Here at the CMS Myth and Connective DX, we’re big fans of anyone who believes, as we do, that the “software” part of web content management software makes up only part of the solution.

Mention CMS in the same breath as web strategy, customer experience, user experience design, marketing enablement – I could go on – and you’ve got our attention.DIGITAL CLARITY GROUP LOGO

This alliance in thinking had me on the Amtrak Acela from Boston to New York on Monday to help welcome an old/new voice in the business. Scott Liewehr, former content management analyst at Gilbane Group, launched his new Digital Clarity Group at a Times Square gathering.

DCG describes itself as a research-driven advisory service comprised of a half-dozen web/tech veterans who understand that digital disruption poses a vexing set of challenges to companies that include technology, yet range far beyond.

“Our name choice was purposeful,” Liewehr said. “It’s about trying to bring clarity and meaning to this notion of digital transformation organizations are going through. If they’re not going through it, they are going to be left behind.”

Echoing a spirit similar the roots of the CMS Myth, DCG’s goal is to help companies be proactive in leveraging digital platforms, systems and strategies for the web and customer engagement. Drawing on themes from business guru Geoffrey Moore, DCG has staked out a claim that says firms need to shift their thinking from “systems of record” to “systems of engagement”.

DCG Team
DCG: Cathy McKnight, Robert Rose, Scott Liewehr, Elise Segar, Tim Walters. (Source: DCG)

Practically speaking, this crosses into a number of areas: web content management, content marketing, social web, open standards, cloud-based computing, mobility and the business change that supports it. We’ve seen it over and over: all this complexity makes marketers and IT pros go crazy trying to make a sensible plan and make sure everything fits together.

It’s not getting any easier. Or more predictable.

DCG partner and principal analyst Tim Walters noted that pace of disruption requires agile thinking and action so firms can adapt and put innovation to good use. How fast are things changing? He makes a great point that as recently as January 2007 there was no iPhone, no Apple app store, no Twitter, and few people used Facebook. Five years: massive change.

“It’s impossible to predict where we’ll be in (several years) due to disruptive forces,” he said.

Others on DCG’s virtual team bring a cross-discipline expertise: noted content marketing pro Robert Rose, Cathy McKnight (employee collaboration and intranets), Elise Segar (a CMS industry veteran handling client services) and Kyle Dover (organizational change).

Monday’s event included CMS vendors, analyst relations pros and digital agencies – each of whom occupies a spot in the DCG ecosystem. DCG sees the interplay among technology vendors, digital shops, integrators and others who help plan the strategies and implement solutions.

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David Aponovich

A former 'CMS Insider,' David is relentlessly focused on the gap between vendor speak and customer adoption. In addition to keeping a keen eye on industry trends, he works with clients on the cultural and process implications of CMS that are so often overlooked. David wrote for the CMS Myth during his time working at Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design).

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  1. Jeff Cram Jeff Cram says:

    Congrats Scott, Robert and team. Look forward to seeing what’s in store.

  2. Scott Liewehr says:

    Thanks Jeff for the comment, and thanks to David for writing this piece. We really appreciate it.

    Best, S

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