The Fog of CMS

Just a quick observation from CMS Expo.

At one point during the morning’s Founder’s Panel, the CMS providers were offered the chance to ask the audience questions, turning the tables on the usual panel approach. One of the vendors (I honestly can’t remember which) asked how many folks in the audience were planning to move their sites into the cloud.

Very few hands went up.

Does this suggest that the cloud is just another technology solution in search of a problem? Does it suggest the audience at CMS Expo isn’t “enterprise-y” enough to need utility computing, flexible scaling, and the kind of optimization cloud computing can provide?

Maybe it just means that asking people in a large crowd to raise their hands is virtually certain to result in underwhelming response, especially early in the morning when they’ve been travelling and after a few hours of discussion.

Whatever it means, it seems clear to me that the benefits of the cloud have so far been most realized by those who most suffered under the old dedicated hardware model. The further you are from the pager that beeps when the site is down, the less you care about where or on what your sites are hosted: cloud, fog, or big iron.

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  1. Deane says:

    Not the right group for this question, I don’t think. CMS Expo tends to be open-source-ish and dev-centric. These guys are exactly the type to manage their own hosting. Nebulous concepts like “the cloud” appeal more to business types who care less about how the sausage is made.

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