CMSExpo Day One: We’re Gonna Need More Tables

CMS Expo Founder's Panel

CMS Expo 2012 kicked off this morning with a CMS Founder’s panel so big they had to bring in extra tables. No wonder people new to the field are so confused and overwhelmed! (I also couldn’t get all the participants in one shot – the above is two photos stitched together, and even then it leaves out Movable Type whose representative joined late).

Participants (and CMS’s) represented included (from right to left):

It was interesting to see the diversity of the panel: Java, PHP, C#, and CFML; proprietary and open source, relative newcomers and long-standing players. The only real contentious portion of the panel was Kieran Lal calling out Sitecore’s “The Siren Song of Open Source” whitepaper for propagating fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about open source. (Here’s the whitepaper and the response from Drupal project founder Dries Buytaert).

At one point while trying to livetweet the early part of the panel I realized it might just be easier to list who was NOT at CMS Expo:

Who else would you expect to see, who is #notatcmsx? Leave a comment below or tweet to @cmsmyth with hashtag #notatcmsx and let us know. Keep following @jeckman @jakedimare @cmsmyth and @katiedel for more tweets from #cmsx.

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  1. Denis says:

    Hey, thanks for talking about Perforce, but our product is called Chronicle not Chronical!

  2. John Coonen says:

    We kicked off the Founders’ Panel with 8 actual CMS Founders, to get their insights for about 1/2 hour. The second portion of the session included 7 additional CMSs represented by C-level folks from the respective CMSs.

    The point of this panel has always been to give attendee users a taste of what each CMS’s sweet spot really is. Think of it as a “get to know you” introduction session to the packed house of attendees, many of whom are looking for a CMS that’s a good fit for them.

    The first day of CMS Expo is ALL about CMS Comparisons, this year. We start out with ALL CMSs represented, then for the following sessions, we segment them into 6 separate CMS Comparison Panels:

    - CMS For Enterprise (100+ admin users)
    - CMS For Small Business (< 100 admins)
    - CMS For Non-profits & Faith Based Organizations
    - CMS For Government
    - CMS For Education

    In those sessions, audience members are not faced with 15 CMS, more like 4-7 in each session, to help them differentiate and drill down into more detail, in order to make good use of their time.

    It's a funneling process. The first photo of ALL CMSs can indeed be overwhelming, but to be fair, that session was intended to be an introduction, not an in-depth drill-down of each CMS. ;)

  3. John Eckman says:

    @Denis – sorry, typo on my fault. Late night typing after a long day. ;)

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