CMS Expo: Busting Web Experience Management Myths

Although there was fierce competition in the 2pm time spot, including Michael Silverman’s talk on Capturing Community (which I wanted to see), there was a decent crowd for the web experience management myth busting session.

Here are the top five myths:

  1. WEM is a technology problem – or a problem best solved by applying the right technology
  2. You need an “all in one” WEM platform”
  3. CMS Platform makers understand your business
  4. Site visitors have simple interests easily inferred from a small number of actions
  5. Your business is ready and willing to listen to the voice of the customer

At the end of the day, web experience management is about taking seriously the role of the CMS in helping the business achieve its goals. Truly responsive designs don’t just respond to different devices, but track and evaluate their effectiveness at having an impact on the people who use those devices.

Slides follow – thanks to those who attended and tweeted!:

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Formerly the Managing Director of Boston Connective DX office, John's passion for technology and the role of CMS are clear in his point of view.

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