CMS Mythbusting at DrupalCon

by on March 16, 2012

Next week I’ll be at DrupalCon 2012 in Denver, busting CMS Myths and learning about how the Drupal community sees the future of content management.

DrupalCon is held twice a year, once in North America and once in Europe, and has been growing rapidly.  My first was DrupalCon Boston in 2008, which had 850 attendees – Chicago, the last in North America (2011) had 3000.

Keynotes this year include project founder and lead Dries Buytaert (the “State of the Drop”), Mitchell Baker (Mozilla), and Luke Wroblewski (LukeW). It’s always fascinating to see what the official forward looking plans for the community are, as well as what the unofficial trends seem to be, which emerge as much from hallway conversations as from the official planned sessions.

There’s also going to be an unconference-style event on Monday focused on education, a market (set of markets?) where Drupal has enjoyed wide adoption.

I wonder if we’ll see the Druplicon Tebowing?

That’s the photo I will be trying to get.  Twitpic me if you see it (@jeckman).



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