The Red Sox’ spring of dis-‘content’

It’s late February, so here in Boston that means our beloved Red Sox are at spring training in Ft. Myers, Florida. It’s a special time for baseball fans, and even more so this time around: this week, the Sox move into their brand new spring training stadium, JetBlue Park.

But don’t go looking for information about it at Some baseball fan bent on shenanigans grabbed the oh-so-obvious (and very available at the time) web domain in the run-up to the stadium’s opening. Instead of gazing at the beautiful vista of a freshly minted ballpark, type in that URL and the site redirects you to the New York Yankees homepage. It’s kryptonite for Red Sox fans.

It turns out a wise guy down in Florida picked up the domain for $8 from a while back. Now, the Red Sox want to talk with him to perhaps make a deal. (If the Sox can pay $14 million this year for aging slugger David Ortiz, surely they can find a few more dollars to make a deal, right?)

You can find the actual JetBlue Park info here.

It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time this happens. However, for anyone for whom the web is an important part of their business/organization, take note: don’t forget to renew your website domains. It probably goes without saying, but the best content (and content management system) in the world does you no good if your customers/fans can’t find your site.

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