Busting Web Experience Management Myths and Killer Project Management at CMS Expo

We’re excited to announce that The CMS Myth will be at CMS Expo in Chicago this May! We’ll be covering the event (as a media sponsor) and also have two CMS Mythbusters speaking:

  • John Eckman will be speaking about “CMS Mythbusting: Web Experience Management” aka “Don’t Believe [all] the Hype.” Vendors are heavily pushing the notion of Customer Experience Management / Web Experience Management, but is this just more technology in search of a problem, or is there real value in deepening your thinking about how users engage with the content your CMS manages?
  • Jake DiMare will introduce and moderate a panel on “Killer Project Management: Site Costing & Budgeting Insights”, following up on his posts about why project management matters.

If you’re considering attending, you can get 10% off registration by using the code Eckman2012.

We hope to see CMS Myth readers there!

About the Author

Formerly the Managing Director of Boston Connective DX office, John's passion for technology and the role of CMS are clear in his point of view.

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  1. Jeff Cram Jeff Cram says:

    Your own discount code John? Huge. Although perhaps I should hold out. Jake, can a DiMare2012 get me 15% off?

  2. Jake DiMare Jake DiMare says:

    10%? They must not like John as much. They gave me the 20% code. ;)

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