Irony and Humor Drive ‘Fix this Sign’ Content Winner

During the Confab content strategy conference this May, we laid down a challenge to CMS Myth readers: help fix the message on this Jiffy Lube sign.

Jiffy Lube sign

In a marketing world where every word matters (to persuade, to engage, to compete), this sign seemed, to us, to miss an opportunity to pack a bigger punch.

Located at a high traffic intersection, we can only surmise that thousands of eyes drove past the sign every day and failed to be lured by the plaintive message of “give us a chance.”

Our readers really rose to the challenge to re-jigger the message – even more than we expected. You made the post one of the most visited and commented on in the history of The CMS Myth.  Creativity abounded.

Some were hilarious. From Barry Wallace:

Jiffy Lube
Try us Today
Or the kitten gets it.

Some had a copywriter’s flair. From Roger Edwards:

Friction slowly wears
Fast friendly service is here
Trust in Jiffy Lube

And from TK:

Be kind
To your
Car, wallet, & watch

Others attempted to stay on-brand based on messaging from Jiffy Lube’s website. From Roger Bangert:

Quick and Easy
No Appointment Needed
We Advise, You Decide

There was plenty of snark to go around, too, from Jiffy Lube non-fans like “Chris” (who didn’t give a last name):

OOS = over-priced oil service
AHS = always high-priced service

With so many great responses, like the ones above, we were hard-pressed to pick a winner. In the end, we’re going with this fraught-with-meaning, on-message entry, with humor thrown in for good measure, from a commenter identified only as “Jerm”:

Faster than your hubby
Can come up with another excuse

And there you have it. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback. We’ll be forwarding the posts to the fine folks at Jiffy Lube and we’ll let you know if they have anything to say in response. If they’re looking, we’ll tell them  where they can find a few good content strategists.

Oh, and a post-script we didn’t include in the original post – there’s a competing fast-lube shop across the street from this Jiffy Lube. Both offer the same essential promise. For about 30 bucks, they’ll change the oil in your car. We’ll let you decide on who has the more compelling message. Here’s their sign:

Fast Lube sign photo
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