The CMS Myth Lands at Confab 2011

CONFAB - Content Strategy ConferenceThe CMS Myth pulls into Minneapolis this week for the inaugural Confab content strategy conference. My colleague Jeff Cram, of the CMS Myth and Connective DX, speaks Tuesday at 11:30 on “Learning to Love Your CMS.” (More on Jeff’s talk in a minute.)

What a conference it’s shaping up to be. Long since sold out (and with a waiting list nearly as long as the attendee list) content strategy is the new black. For good reason. Smart organizations are realizing that the success of their business, marketing and brand is oh-so-closely tied to communicating a clear and articulate message to their audience(s).

We’ve seen a robust community of consultants and practitioners take shape over the past couple of years, and we have to say: this is a great development. Consultants has brought the topic and best practices to the forefront. And companies are actively hiring for specialized positions to define and manage the content strategy for their organization.

The arrival of content strategy as a practice shows that organizations are adding real teeth to their content and communications planning (online and offline), far beyond the old “we need a new CMS” demand. A CMS does not a content strategy make.

So back to Jeff’s presentation on Tuesday. We’ve always tried to help organizations understand that “CMS” is a tool while “content management” is an ongoing process that really never ends. For content strategists, there’s big relevance here. From Jeff’s talk description:

Content management systems won’t win many popularity contests among content folks. They can be clunky, obtuse and plain old frustrating to use. Yet, they are responsible for managing and delivering almost all of your content across websites and mobile devices. As a content strategist, you can’t afford to leave CMS just to the tech folks. It’s simply too important to your job and to your organization. We’ll drop the geek speak in this session and explore what a content strategist really needs to know about CMS.

So for the lucky 400 who got their tickets to Confab before the sell-out: congrats. If CMS is a part of your ecosystem (or on your agenda) take some time to check out Jeff’s talk. When he’s not talking he’ll be taking in the other sessions on Monday and Tuesday. You can also follow him on Twitter at @jeffcram.

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David Aponovich

A former 'CMS Insider,' David is relentlessly focused on the gap between vendor speak and customer adoption. In addition to keeping a keen eye on industry trends, he works with clients on the cultural and process implications of CMS that are so often overlooked. David wrote for the CMS Myth during his time working at Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design).

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