Gilbane Must-See: Molding the Customer Experience with CMS

Gilbane San Francisco Conference logoThe Gilbane San Francisco conference hits this week, offering two days of innovation and inspiration for content management and marketing pros. Here at the CMS Myth we’re thrilled again to be a Gilbane media sponsor.

But we’re even more excited for our Connective DX colleague Melissa Casburn, our director of user experience and a UX visionary, who’s been asked to co-lead an important session Thursday afternoon titled “How to Mold the Customer Experience.” Melissa has helped clients as diverse as Zipcar, HP and MTV with user experience transformations.

Her talk (Thursday, 2-3:20 p.m., Session E7) is a must-see for anyone who values delivering more personalized and relevant web experiences for online visitors – a goal more achievable than ever with the smart use of CMS and analytics.  Melissa’s co-presenter is Randy Woods, co-founder of agency non-linear creations.

Before Melissa jetted off to San Fran this morning, we caught her just long enough to conduct an insta-interview previewing her session:

What will people learn in the session – any actionable takeaways?  Definitely. We’re going to focus on six techniques for shaping and improving your UX by merging your knowledge of users with analytics and your CMS.

What are the six? We’ll talk about developing personas; mapping personas to business outcomes; defining visitor types; personas on the page; optimizing the user experience; and integrating with analytics. Optimizing the user experience and leveraging analytics data is a missed opportunity for a lot of companies. There’s a lot of room for wins in this area. We’ll explain why optimization is a process, not just a project.

What about the intersection of CMS and UX? I like to think of it this way: If users are the steering wheel, your CMS is the engine – it allows you to apply what you know about your users to the creation and delivery of a more personalized experience.

Check out Melissa Casburn’s profile on the Gilbane website.

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