Be thankful for your CMS

by on November 25, 2009

Ok, there are certainly more important things to be thankful for than a piece of technology.

But in the spirit of the holiday it’s nice to recognize all the good things web content management does for you.

Sure, CMS implementations are hard. Documentation may be less than stellar and those pesky WYSIWYG editors can give you anything but ‘what you see.’

But this isn’t 1997 anymore. We’re now managing publishing platforms with a gaggle of sites, localized content and complex marketing demands. Web two dot whatever means everything is social and your content is getting distributed to far flung parts of the Interweb.

Dreamweaver or (gasp!) FrontPage won’t exactly cut it anymore. And I don’t care if you hand code your HTML. We need CMS.

So, let’s be thankful we have a bounty of options when it comes to smart CMS technology. Let’s also be grateful that vendors are still innovating and technology is getting better for the marketers who now run the websites.

Most importantly, let’s all kick back and have a relaxing CMS-free Thanksgiving break (For our US and Canada readers at least).

I mean it. Stay out of those systems! That’s what the ‘scheduled content’ feature is for. ;-)

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