CMS post-launch lessons for improving your website

The road to a web content management implementation in tandem with a website redesign can be long and rocky. So it’s not wonder there’s usually a palpable sense of relief when your site goes live with CMS at the center of your content efforts, website user experience, and your online marketing and sales initiatives.

But avoid going on autopilot. While it’s great to catch your breath, don’t overlook the fact you now have a real, live website to monitor and measure activity and results. Many website projects are an exercise in educated guesses, leavened with research, interviews, insight and best practices. When your CMS-driven site goes live, assumptions and decisions go under the microscope.

After having conversations in the past two weeks with a number of interactive pros grappling with post-launch questions, I thought it wise to revisit some guidance from colleague Jeff Cram, who put this topic at center stage a while back. If you’re nearing the completion of a website project or recently went live with your site, you’ll find Life After the Redesign well worth reading.  

About the Author
David Aponovich

A former 'CMS Insider,' David is relentlessly focused on the gap between vendor speak and customer adoption. In addition to keeping a keen eye on industry trends, he works with clients on the cultural and process implications of CMS that are so often overlooked. David wrote for the CMS Myth during his time working at Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design).

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