Speaker quotes from a CMS conference

Last week I spoke at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference 2009, but I also took the time to attend as many sessions as I could.   In the sessions I attended I gathered some great quotes from the other speakers that really hit home and wanted to share them.

 On CMS Selection: 

  • "It seems the more you pay the less you get"
  • "Admission of failure can be one of the best indicators that a vendor is willing to work with you" – about getting vendors to provide references for failed implementations
  • "Divorce from a partner is often harder than the domestic variety" – About parting ways from your CMS vendor.

On CMS Implementation and adaption: 

  • "Projects often fail on the basis of training conducted to far before the product roll out"
  • "Set your expectations low for creating a taxonomy"
  • "ECM, I don't know what that means!" – From audience during Q&A
  • "Middle Management if often trouble" – Talking about organizational resistance to a new CMS.
  • "As long as you are using Word, I can't help you"

On selling a CMS vision to your organization: 

  • "Understand your executives view of ROI"
  • "The entire organization should own the content, we just need to work out the custody agreements"
  • "Executives don't care about reuse, they care about the value of reuse"


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With more than a dozen years of experience leading enterprise web projects, George has seen the good, bad and ugly when it comes to CMS deployments. George brings an objective eye and a healthy dose of cynicism in evaluating the role of technology in the enterprise.

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