CMS Myth at Alfresco Road Show

by on June 26, 2008

Today I attended the Alfreso road show here in Dallas.  This was a small (about 40 people) half day presentation intended to show off Alfresco and how it has been implemented at a number of larger clients.  Alfresco and their partners did a great job presenting and answering any and all questions. 

The one case study that stood out for me was a community site built for the search engine company Endeca.  The solution put in place was a mix of Alfresco, Liferay Portal, Liferay Forums, WordPress, Endeca search (how could they use anything else really) and Red Hat directory server.  The interesting thing is that WordPress, Liferay and Alfresco can all be placed into the CMS category, but here they all are working together in one site. 

This case study really represented for me the challenge that will be facing organizations trying to find just one system that will meet all their content publishing needs as the CMS market continues to evolve. 

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