Content Analytics: The Great Equalizer

Those who know me often get stuck listening to me wax poetic on the value of web analytics. It’s no secret the Mythbusters are bullish on using analytics to improve the user experience and CMS deployment.  But with all the talk about metrics, it’s encouraging to hear actual examples of how organizations are using analytics to affect positive change.

We co-presented at the Boston Gilbane Content Management show with Joe Santini from Siemens Enterprise Communications.  We shared the story of how we collectively built a new sales and marketing portal for Siemens to help them share millions of resources with a global sales force.

It’s a fascinating case study, but I got really hopped up hearing how Joe was using content analytics to make important decisions.  For example:

  • Siemens invests heavily in sales and marketing kits, a collection of 8-12 resources aligned around a specific product or market.  Using web analytics, they are noticing that only 4-5 of these resources per kit are actually used.  They are starting to use this information to more strategically invest in creating content for the organization.
  • The site is localized in seven languages with plans to add more.  As you can imagine, this is very expensive to setup and maintain. Again using analytics, they can see exactly which countries are using which languages. Some countries overwhelmingly use the English option which doesn’t warrant the investment to continue with the local versions.

These are two examples, but you can see the power of being able to make data-driven decisions to more efficient manage content and increase employee productivity.  This is a topic we’ll be continuing to explore in this blog.  In the spirit of more successful CMS deployments, we’re interested in dissecting exactly what content analytics can mean in terms of measuring the value of content creation and consumption.

About the Author
Jeff Cram

Jeff Cram is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Connective DX (formerly ISITE Design), a digital agency based in Portland, OR and Boston, MA. As the Managing Editor of the CMS Myth, Jeff is passionate about all topics related to content management, digital strategy and experience design.

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