With day one of Gilbane in the rear view mirror, we focus our attention on best bets for the encore performance Wednesday. After all, our adoring fans demand it (thanks Misty for encouraging our behavior).

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who showed up at our Content Happy Hour at the Harpoon Brewery tonight. It was a fantastic turnout (even with some light sleet) and the conversations were a smart mix of content, tech and snark.The IPA wasn’t too shabby either.

I don’t have the energy to write a full day one recap, seeing that I’m moderating back to back panels tomorrow starting at 8:30 a.m. (thanks for that time slot, Frank!), but do check out the full recap of the Stump the CMS consultant panel as well as James Gardner‘s tweet recap from today. Lots of good nuggets in the sessions, but as with most Gilbane events, some of the most valuable moments come from the conversations and connections between panels and at the after, after gatherings.

And now, here’s your best bets for day two of Gilbane on Wednesday Dec. 3:

Personalization, CMS and Content Strategy kicks off at 8:30 am sharp moderate by yours truly (Hey, my blog post, my session is a best bet). The real attraction here is John Berndt, CEO of The Berndt Group and Jeff Geheb, CTO of VML who bring some industrial strength expertise on the topic of personalization. We’ll have to ask them if the rumors of personalization’s demise are true or not.

Multichannel Content Management at 9:40 am with former CMS Mythbuster (now Agency Oasis strategist) looks like a sharp session featuring the Stump the CMS Consultant winner Deane Barker as well as Sandra Duram and Noz Urbina. It’s a topic that gets a lot of lip service, but not a lot of “how to.”  This group can deliver on the details with Jake keeping them honest.

Agency/integrator panel discussion at 11:40 am with Digital Clarity Group turns the focus to the service providers with some “big consultancy” perspective from Accenture Interactive and DigitasLBi as well as the recently rebranded SingleStone. DCG is one of the few voices in the industry looking at the impact of service providers, which often get trumped by discussions about platform fit and less critical software feature/benefit drivel.

Content Strategy Panel at 3:30 pm will round out the day well in part because moderator Kevin P Nichols can give a master class on the topic himself. Four speakers including Misty Weaver, Community Manager of Content Insight, will provide varying perspectives on the broad topic. You can never have enough content strategy to go with your technology.

Gilbane of course extends to a third day of add on workshop options. I won’t be attending those, but look forward to hearing how they go.

I’d love to say hi to anyone who is at the event. Please do track me down and we can swap our own CMS Myths in person.

Game on Gilbane. Let’s do day two.

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We’re winding down a terrific first day at Gilbane 2014 in our hometown, Boston. With no promise of being complete or chronological, let’s revisit some of the more thoughtful, interesting, and funny moments of the day! See you tomorrow?

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The “Not My Job” Myth

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